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This is , a software that simulates a missile targeting system launched from a Predator MQ1 Drone; it's designed for Air Soft technological objective.

Missile progressively approach to the Earth until it reaches enemy outpost. If the user select the correct sequence of targeting buttons he reaches the "Success step" with enemy explosion, otherwise the "Failure step" with a desert explosion. At this point a Pad Code appears and if the correct password number is entered the application return to Start step, ready for another launch. Usually Predator Drone game have 3 missiles that corresponds to the possibilities of the player to complete the objective. The game arbiter is in charge to reset the application and trace scores.

Build in "HTML5" and javascript can be used on any computer, cellphone or tablet. In fact about every website you visit is composed of html and javascript pages. No installation is required. Just copy and go!
Moreover the application is customizable and you can edit the graphics, the sounds, the number of steps to reach the enemy position and so on...

If you plan to enrich your MIL-SIM battles of Air Soft and Paint-ball with fun technology take a look at this application.

Here the suggested game introduction:

  • Intelligence reports enemy position at 20km north of a "TOWN-NAME" in the country of "CONTRYNAME". A group of tanks supported by troopers has been identified. Use the Predator Targeting system to smoke them all and clear the extraction point. Remember that you just have 3 missiles and only 15 minutes before losing satellite connection with the drone. Good Luck soldier.

Registration License

cannot be used until you purchase a Registration Key, following the the payment process. Registration is mandatory to use the software and provide the PASSWORD to unlock the downloadable file. Future version of the software can be then downloaded and unpacked with the same password to grants all the updates for free.

Package Content

  • Complete Documentation to setup the application and customize it, from graphic to game steps.
  • The HTML5 file to open.
  • The correlates file to edit for customization.
  • A Sound directory with Mp3 for alarms.
  • A Images directory with background and graphics.

Software License Agreement

Please read the following lines carefully before using this software. If you disagree with any of the following lines, you are not allowed to use this software. You must then delete it immediately.

The software is a registered copy associated to your email account; it is provided "AS-IS", without any warranties of any kind. Use the software at your own risk and please, test the software with non-critical data. Any bug report will be appreciated and eventually fixed.

You are allowed to use the registered version of the software as you wish, but you are not allowed to modify in any way the installation files provided, except for the configuration files as described in this document. Modification comprehend the changing, adding or removing of any files of this package without the author's written permission.

You are not allowed to distribute the registered version of the software to other people, or sharing it on the internet or via other networks. The registered version in personal and you have to take care about every installation you do in order to prevent lost or distribution.

You cannot sell the software without the written permission of the author.

Using the software means that you accept all the License Agreements.


LHN's Predator Targeting System is a web simulation for Airsoft sport that reacreate the missile flight reaching the target. Note: Download the LHN's Test App instruction to verify performances and resolution issue on your target device.

LHN's Pretator Targeting System (for AirSoft)
LHN's Pretator Targeting System (for AirSoft)

Enhanced version: 3.0 - 15Mb - contains "LHN's Predator Targeting System" - This application has been created to be used for fun in Air Soft games and emulates a Preator MQ1 Drone Targeting System, used in technological war. Application can be completely customized using the inside documentation in order to accomplish your mission requirements.



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LHN's Test App
LHN's Test App

Version: 1.0 - 1Mb - contains "LHN's Test App" - This application has been created to test if LHN applications runs correctly on your target devices before purchasing others Apps. LHN's Test App is FREE to use and distribute and give you a real feedback of how applications runs, including resolution, performances and input buttons reactivity. Use the internal manual as reference.



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Every implementation is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

In this video you will see the content of the full package of the LHN's Predator Targeting System, as well as short tutorial on how to customize the application for your AirSoft battles.


This video shows how LHN's Predator Targeting System can be resolved or fails. All the graphic, game configuration and game steps can be customized in order to align with your AirSoft mission. This is just an implementation located in Afghanistan.




Technical Info

  • Program Type: Web site responsive in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript that runs in local (no internet is required).
  • System Requirements: A cellphone/Tablet (or Computer) to use in game equipped with a internet browser. Note that touch screen better suits this purpose.
  • Installation: copy the unzipped package into your cellphone/Tablet and you are ready to go. Application can be opened with a compatible browser and can works on any cellphone/Tablet. Suggested S.O. is Android with Firefox and a "Full Screen Plugin" for best performance and look.
  • has been coded using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and JQuery plugin.